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Now he's know as TCM Practitioner Bob Koh

Update - more victims have spoken - sorry I've been busy with other work and haven't posted or participate for a while. By the way, BEWARE! He's changed his title from Doc Bob Koh to TCM Practitioner Bob Koh (he can RUN but he can't HIDE). If you are on his friends list or in the FB group you will probably hear about him bragging about suing Jerome for defamation. Indeed he sued, but failed!!!! This good news was announced by Frankie Yeo: I had just received a piece of very good news from Jerome that the fake doc Bob's defamation suit against him had just been stroke out / dismissed with costs by the court ruling this morning!....The truth is always on the bright side to win over the dark and stinking ditch which is the ultimate dwelling place of the most obnoxious and dirty old cockroach! His days are numbered, lets cross our fingers and wait for the moment for justice to prevail itself, soon!!!!...... Please note he is still trying to con more victims. Ask yourself, if he is not fake why would he changed from Doc to TCM Practitioner? He's operating through these sites: Doc Bob Koh - Total Wellness & Cancer Specialist/ConsultantComplementary/Alternative Medicine PractitionerTaiwan Raynar Total Wellness & Cancer CenterCertified TCM Physician - ROCCertified Isogai Practitioner - JapanCertified Nutritionist - Taipei Medical UniversityDetoxification Specialist - Detoxification Association (ROC)Registered Member - Traditional Chinese Medicine Society (ROC)Board Member - Detoxification Association (ROC) For your information I had asked my Japanese friend to find out about the Isogai Certificate in Japan - she said its from another Bogus practitioner and has a bad reputation. The course is nothing more than a massage therapy course. This is another interesting case posted by Ms Evelyn Chng (I admire these ladies bravery to stand up and warn others): Evelyn Ch'ng: I had a similar experience when I was treated in Taipei by Dr. Bob. He offered to do a diagnosis for me in his house as he said his clinic is not open on that time. As a warrior Coursemate, I didn't have any doubt but trust him for his professionally. Later I found out that there were nobody at home and he even warn me not to let his wife Mary knows that he brought me home for treatmen...t. As you ...know his treatment is not the normal Chiro but rather sensual massage , I felt a bit strange after the treatment. Off course he started to warn me how bad degree is my back and asked me to sign up his package which is about us $ 10k. I didn't make any payment as it's huge amount of money. He didn't stop from there but persuading me to a multi level marketing lingerie brand that he highly recommend. I was scared by his words of how serious my back and at the end spent about 5 k purchasing that shaping lingerie that end up useless in my wardrobe at the end of the day. (found this at a link to Doc Bob Koh) This TCM Practitioner Bob Koh is a Sex Maniac and not a doctor - here's another of his indecent act reported by Jane Hadipoespito Hey you stupid so-called bob koh,,, now tell me, what's your counter claim for this one..., remember RIA? One of my parents' maids... Yes you asked her to hold your penis, and you opened your trousers, and told her to touch your thing, since RIA didn't want to, she even cried, and you even gave her some money , in other way, it is like you were trying to bribe her for 200 thousand rupiahs to shut her mouth up and not to tell my parents, and sadly, she told me this story, and yet, you put such an angelic face in front of my parents... But fortunately she didn't want to take your money, right? And you might be in such a relief since she didn't tell a thing to my parents... So tell me, what's your counter attack, huh????? Here's another one: Dexter Lim 12:17pm Jul 22Con-Doc Bob Koh, Let me reply the e-mail which you just sent me here instead.. Would be fairer to both parties as well: (Below is the copy of the e-mail which you sent me) To answer your questions: 1. The RM4k which we paid you was for TWO hair tests for Natalie. She did 1 hair test, and the test result is printed on 7 pieces of A4 paper without any letterhead, without any associated company, and supposedly it is sent to Japan for analysis, yet it was printed in Broken Mandarin, with some English words. There were no reference numbers and everything is based on only your justification. With handwriting. Whatever questions you asked us, you just wrote in there. Not After the first hair test, you just wrote down 4 questions: Q1. What are your health concerns that you want to improve?Q2. What and why you think it is urgent to seek treatmentQ3. Why do you believe in my system?Q4. Why is it cost-effective to seek treatment now? And asked us to think about the answers. Mind you, at the moment, we have no idea what are the prices, nor the systems, nor the urgency except for Very Scary Scenarios you tell us will Happen to Natalie if she doesn't start the program immediately. All you did was kept on scaring Natalie and myself. To add salt to the wound, you did not even offer any advice on how Natalie can start taking care of herself before you could "Come up with a program for her". It was so stressful for her, and we had numerous arguments just because of that. I thought that you cared, and defended you when I argued with her, thinking that you really care and that you really want to help. She had sleepless nights asking me this very question: "Would a True Doctor really scare their patients like that, and without giving any assurance or advice at all?" I repeat, I defended you. Even tried to help you. You kept on saying Natalie's case is very "special", need to carefully analyze, you did not even give us any guides as to what to do in the interim period. And you dare charge us RM850 for soliciting sales from us, no advice, and just loads of scare tactics which we fell for? 2: Mind you, you did not even have a chance to "consult" my father, who was supposed to do his second Angioplasty 3 days later. When you "introduced" yourself as "miracle doc"; my father, aged 68 last year, can already sense that you're a con man. He had just done his first Angioplasty, yet he can sense that you were a con, and immediately rejected whatever solutions that you try to suggest by telling you that if he is interested in your treatment after the operation. He also mentioned that he will "PERSONALLY BUY A TICKET TO VISIT YOU IN TAIWAN!" (My dad already knew that you were not Taiwanese, even though you claim to be) After you left, my dad immediately WARNED me to be more cautious with you. He pointed out a very relevant question,"IF YOU ARE SO GOOD, ALL THE PATIENTS AROUND THE WORLD WILL BE TRAVELLING TO YOU, and NOT YOU TRAVELLING TO SEE PATIENTS." As what you claimed, you wanted to lower the burden of patients. Yet based on what you charge Victims, obviously you are charging a cut-throat price.. How much is your overhead? You don't have clinic premises, R&D etc. (You only take a bus from Malaysia to Singapore) How much are your "7 A4 papers worth with your hand-writing plus PROFESSIONAL ADVICE" All these, I can leave to the court to decide. 3. After your realized that my dad doesn't believe in your stories, you then turned the attention back to my wife. Even though my wife and my dad warned me about you, yet I still believed in you. With all these doubts, I still believed in you. You made me feel very guilty if I did not let Natalie have good treatment from you. You even offered a Free Con-sultation to try to get Natalie to come to you again, but she refused. I came hoping to clarify things up, at the very least, know how much your program cost. When I met you at your apartment at Crown Regency, whilst you were treating another Victim, your wife Mary then only let me know that you're both Singaporeans. I realized that Arthur Koh, whom I met in Singapore, is actually your son. I felt so weird that someone that I respected was telling lies. A "Doc" who told lies. After that night, after knowing the total cost of treatment, which is very high, and with indefinite duration. That very night, you hinted that I should consider selling my properties to finance Natalie's treatment, and that early the next morning, pick you up from Crown Regency to show you all my properties. (And you wanted to learn from me about properties. Wonder how much should I charge you to pick you up, and my consultation & time to teach you skills, perhaps I should suggest you exchange your precious treatment with my precious knowledge, much like how you wanted to charge A$1,000,000 to the Australian family?) I wanted to kiv the treatment, and you then further sent me Private and Confidential e-mails between you and your victims to me. This really struck me as very unethical. I've never in my life came across any Doctors who would disclose personal patient information. By the way, I still keep all the e-mails from you. 4. I did not come to ask for refund last year, nor am I begging you to get back my money. To me, the money that I paid has bought me a lesson:- How a Real Con-Man looks like. I have 2 questions for you here: a) You claim yourself as a very devout and honest Christian. Aren't you afraid of going to H***? How could you cheat and harm people of their hard-earned money, especially those whom are already afflicted with cancer and other chronic diseases? b) If you want to charge my father for consultation, by all means, send a bill to me. I can pay you. But do you provide receipts? And where you send the hair test for analysis, and what estalishment is it? - Dexter - I will stop here for now. There are more to come, keep a look out, meanwhile please warn your friends. I have said many times I am not a victim, but have come across this fake DOC (Dirty Old Croc) - he tried getting me & my husband to take up his treatment - US$5000 to have a Hair Analysis, after which he will assess what type of treament we need, which cost about US$20,000 per person. Thank God for my analytical mind (I think someone up there is looking after me)- I reason with myself: What if the result said I have this & that ailment etc, I will be worrying myself sick and make it worse, better not, I feel healthy and happy at the moment, therefore Let I Be, and leave it to God. I had consulted my friend's husband who is a qualified Physician & Physiotherapist - he's done Hair Analysis and said its "nothing" and Not Accurate. Just to prove how inaccurate it is, he's told Jerome that his wife's (Jerome's wife) HA showed that she will have a baby Boy, but it turned out to be a Girl. Now do you want to pay US$5000 to get an inaccurate analysis? I like my husband's idea "CHEAPER TO HAVE A NICE FUNERAL"

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Another victim of Bob Koh

Hi guys, sorry to meddle into this, but it is just my opinion. If its hard to report to police regarding docbob molest case..., i mean if the police couldnt do anything yet, then you should be exposing to the media first, such as newspapers, news, and so on, that way would force the police to take on the action by investigating about ...this case...

And yes , i was a victim of him, i'm a hearing impaired person, at first i met him when i was on holiday from school's stuffs in the US, i never acknowledged him as a doctor, but my mother kept forcing me to try the treatment from him, and u know what?, he even told some scary sceneries by saying i have some lumps, i would have breast cancer lah, my hearings would deteriorate as soon as i'm getting older and so on, and he also said that if i accept his treatment, i would be able to live happily and stay healthy with no cancer or problems in hearings, he said my case is also special plus my mother's case also be said to be very very 'special'.. Hello?? He's so stupid... I was born hearing impaired, which means i really cannot hear a thing ever since i was born, so how in e hell is it supposed that my hearings would deteriorate as soon as i am getting older and older... So stupid... Even other doctors wouldn't even say like that... It's like he was spitting such nonsenses from the beginning, and i must admit that he's really good at flattering people, persuading people, and when the peoples are already fell into his trap, he would charge them in a lot of sum which it does not even make any sense...

And here's another thing again, when this beast already get close with those patients, he would make such dramas, by telling those patients that he has been unhappy all his life by marrying his wife, and u know, he would say that hs wife is so cruel, doesn't care about him at all.. And they even could fight each other in front of my parents. And that makes my mother so sad by hearing him telling such those dramas stories.. In that way, he would get in a relationship with my mother, and the stupid thing is, that my mother seems believed in him and she even always tell me some funny jokes or funny stories about that so-called docbob koh, it is like my mom already fell in love with him, and even when she met this beast, it is like both of them are in their world where neither i nor even my father could enter their so-called new world...

And when this beast always come to my parents' house, i was always disagreed of him sleeping at house, unfortunately, my mom doesn't even care at all, all she cared for was by meeting this beast and talking, talking, joking around... It is so disgusting....

And here goes, when i was on holiday in summer 2007 from US, my mom forced me to have some therapy with him, i didn't want to, i dislike it e most, but my mom forced me to have one... Sigh, and this one night, when i was sleeping because i was so tired, all of sudden, it was at 4 am in e early bird, he entered into my room (since i can't hear, so that's why my door shouldn't be locked, because if something happens, i couldn't hear if they call me) , and this beast told e reason he entered was because he wanted to give therapy on my stomach and my breast, but out of sudden, with e lights off, he started to touch my legs, thighs, went up to my stomach and breast. His was also very close to put his hand inside my vagina, and i didn't know that he was using my leg to touch his thing "penis". After the last thing he did, i run off straight away to bathroom, and locked myself until 8 o'clock in e morning and waited until my parents had waken up... After that, I asked them whether they have told him to come to my room and do the therapy to me, they said no. Therefore, I told them of what had happened that night, but none of them would believe me. My mother even said that is impossible a doctor would want to rape me. And when i was in anger, i kept telling these stories repeatedly, and this beast is really smart at convincing my parents that i was telling nonsense and he's really good at defending himself so that he won't look guilty at all... What a hell bastard i've ever met in my life. Ever since then, i despised him. And after that confrontation thing about entered my room when i slept, he sent me some emails and the contents that he wrote was like threatening me at all and he was defending himself...

I'll post some more again when i remember something up to tell... ;)
But unfortunately, it seems that i have no proof of his actions towards me , but thanks to him, he gave me a traumatic state from being molested.. ;( so all i could do is telling about what he did toward me in the past....See More

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Encounter with Diana Chen - his true colours

Since Dexter shared his story, I will post this for all to see what kind of person this dog is! Apologize that it's long-

18 MayDoc Bob Koh
Hi Diana:
Had specially ask the Dr doing the test to expedite the results for your mom and I got it last night.
...The results shows signs of very early stroke and a mild heart attack. Within 9-15 mths she may have the risk of a full blown heart attack and a stroke.
I will be in Singapore on 19-21 and may be able to see you both on 20th at about 11.30am or 21st afternoon.
Keep these dates free and let me know what time work best for you both.
The spurs are making the vertebrae disc degenerate faster than it should which is another issue that has to be address quickly before more serious complications comes about.
Will you both be able to see me on 20th or 21st May?
Doc Bob

18 MayDiana Chen- Robinson
Sorry dr,

Rushing my family in the morning hence the very short reply. Are u ok for the 21st evening or night say after 7 or 8? I need to attend service earlier that day. Pls let me know your thoughts on the schedule.

The results are not unexpected, somehow I feel instinctively that if this was not treated I won't have much time with my mom. It had been brewing in my head for the last two months now. I appreciate your help.


18 MayDoc Bob Koh
Hi Diana is Fri evening/night another option for you to consider. Sat evening will work if that is best slot for you both. I have some Indonesians patients in Sin staying at Marina Bay Sands and to save time I might also check into the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

18 MayDiana Chen- Robinson
Ok sat evening then pls let me know the time

18 MayDoc Bob Koh
Hi Diana is 7.30pm on Sat works?

18 MayDiana Chen- Robinson
Ok that's great!!!

02 JuneDoc Bob Koh
Yes please get your mom to continue the exercises. It will reduce her discomforts and pain when I start my treatment for her. I know exactly what is needed to be done for her to get well, and really well. Not just temporary relief. Her ares of concerns are my strengths and forte, and I know what i am doing, and have been doing so for more than 15 yrs. Take care. I am very impressed by your husband Ashley. Its not easy for him to do what he wants to do. He must love you a lot and care a lot about what matters to you.

03 JuneDiana Chen- Robinson
Hi doc, sorry late reply! Don't mind I answer you here as I don't wanna SMS overseas number . Our insurance is with Bupa International and it's on a high end premium with a family coverage to cover expatriate families so that people with a profile like my own family benefits .Even most insurances do not cover pregnancies but Bupa does that. Our insurance is very comprehensive and expensive. It is to ensure we get the treatments we deserve from the kind of premium we pay.

Our service agent says all we need is the diagnosis, proposed treatment plan and cover page for the report so we can submit for pre approval. He said it doesn't matter even if it is alternative treatment as the plan is comprehensive enough to cover once the proper application is done. The amount you quoted is well within the limitation of the plan!!

Very happy now cause once settled my mom can go ahead and my husband had finally agreed to let her try it!!! Pls get back to me doc so we can start the process asap!!!!


03 JuneDiana Chen- Robinson
Doc, when will u be in town? Hope to start the first treatment asap if possible?? Pls help me get the necessary documents ready so we can get covered for the treatment.

My mom has a pending appointment for NUH next week, unsure if we should still go back or cancel!! Pls advise!


05 JuneDoc Bob Koh
If ur mom is starting her treatment with me, all u need to do is to get de set of X rays dat I sent u at Ang Month Kio imaging center. I hv no financial arrangements w them n u are free to go another center u favour. My patients told me their pricing is lower than Radlink Diagnostics at Paragon. I shud be in Sin abt 10 Jun n w update u again. Take care.

05 JuneDiana Chen- Robinson
Doc, x rays is not a problem. That can be done. We need to get the docs for insurance so we can get reimbursed for the treatment. Bupa replied telling us that our policy does cover alternative treatment as long as we can get supporting docs and the estimated amount for treatment is well under the coverage. My husband will not let me go ahead if we cannot get pre approval from Bupa. I hope you understand that we are not talking abt x ray here doc. This is urgent.

05 JuneDiana Chen- Robinson
If you are very busy, can I ask my agent to arrange with you directly then? He said it can be processed with 7 days once paperwork is in. We have been using Bupa for a long time and they are very efficient so worries about it at all doc. Thanks

06 JuneDoc Bob Koh
Yes pls do that.

06 JuneDiana Chen- Robinson
I've given my agent your card as they need to do due diligence before proceeding. I was told that they cannot find any reference regarding company details. Pls for now send us your official reports regarding my Mom's tests and diagnosis.

06 JuneDoc Bob Koh
Hi Diana in Taiwan we are known as Traditional Chinese Medicine Practtioners and Governed by a Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Society. In the past for more than 10 yrs, other insurers have not recognized us and does not allow claims.

06 JuneDiana Chen- Robinson
But Bupa international allows claims, as I mentioned earlier. Bob this is getting extremely frustrating for me

06 JuneDiana Chen- Robinson
Bupa allows it as long as we get the proper documentation in place. Not x rays so let us not make any mistakes here. I have handed in the hair analysis report as part of the supporting document but they do require more as part of their SOP to process claims. Just because other insurers don't allow it and I don't know what insurance your clients are using doesn't mean we can't claim thru Bupa international. Bupa is an extremely comprehensive insurance company that provides very comprehensive policies. As for as my policy is concerned.

As far as my agent and I am aware we are Able to claim this is because our policy is over
Well over what regular people have. The quotation you quote me is well and truly within the claims.

It is not up to you to decide if we can claim or not anyway. Now as my doc and I respect you for it, so please give me due respect to furnish me with the documents as I have requested to start processing.

06 JuneDoc Bob Koh
Maybe I can speak to their agent when I am in Sin on 10/11 jun . Also test is currently accepted in Mainstream medicine . It may be another 10 - 20 yrs before it will be accepted. I am just as frustrated as you are and the way I can see patients benefitting from insurance is to set up an Integrative Medicine Center and cooperate with MDs. The Physiotherapy techniques that we use are more effective than the Physiotherapy by Mainstream Hospital but insurance won't recognize our training. That is the situation and that why only patients who are willing to pay themselves are seeing me for now. I know the Insurance doesn't make sense as my methods are more effective n can save them lots of money in future costs of treatments as my methods treat n address the root causes. There are a lot of things in our health care system n insurance that really makes no sense to me.

06 JuneDiana Chen- Robinson
Fair enough I understand what you mean abt mainstream and alternative treatment may not agree all the time.

But my agent told me that the supporting docs is all needed to process. Even if we cannot claim like you said, we can still try right??? We can always try.

Now all I'm requesting is for you to just email me the docs. We just need your diagnosis report, treatment procedure and cover page. That's all.

06 JuneDoc Bob Koh
In de past 10 over yrs dat patients have tried to make claims, but the insurers don't recognize our Certificates and our work. We are getting such gud results and are saving money for insurers, so it just don't make sense.

06 JuneDiana Chen- Robinson
Bob all I need is the supporting docs, 1. Diagnosis report 2.treatment procedure 3. Cover page letter.

06 JuneDiana Chen- Robinson
I have handed in test report to Bupa, they want supporting docs so that they can process. That's all. I have said all i want to and all I need to say.

I'm am a very upset and frustrated person now cause I am not getting support from you. We are talking about my Mother's treatment here.

06 JuneDiana Chen- Robinson
Btw you told me that you have discussed with ya team regarding the treatment fees? What's the outcome?

06 JuneDoc Bob Koh
They have agreed that, Instead of 9 sessions over 3 mths for US$7800, we will do a 12 sessions treatment and training program for her over 5-6 mths. This is on top of the waiver of the 20% that we set aside for charity.

06 JuneDiana Chen- Robinson
Just out of curiosity, I have respect that you are doing charity but why do you ask patients to pay 20%more for charity? I mean isn't charity supposed to be out of the generosity of your heart? Meaning to say if I am doing charity I will only use profits for charity but won't ask people to pay me 20% more for me to do charity. Because if you think about it, it's not really charity then is it? It will be more like a donation no?

06 JuneDoc Bob Koh
Yes the fees that we charge are in accordance with what it will it will cost to have the problems treated with other mainstream modalities and we are offering a better solution that what others are offering. So if a patient can see that what we are charging is better value than any other methods, we are happy to take on such a patient. And we donate 20% of our fees to charity. There are many ways to look at a situation and your view is also correct if you view that the results doe snot warrant the fees that we charge. What is important to a patient is, As long as patients can get effective solutions and find that our solution is cost effective and has the ability to save them a lot of money in future medical costs then we know that we are doing the right things. It is a difficult call my dear. When we are faced with people who needs medical attn and are faced with financial difficulties we are our Pastor for suggestion on how we can make our services equitable for all. We can't charge some and offer free services to others. S our Pastor suggest that we create a vehicle and have a committee to study the needs of patients who needs financial aid. So you as a patient , as long as you feel that we can deliver the solutions that you want and find out methods cost effective, then you don't have to worry about how we use our fees and for what purpose. A former patient, who have seen many Drs and spent a considerable sum of money for all kinds of treatments, told me that he is blessed to be able to afford my fees, and that I deliver very good results to him, that others can't, and he is glad that a part of the fee that he paid can be used to help others less fortunate people than him. He said that money alone may not get the best Drs. Sometimes we need a bit of luck too. When someone thinks that way they normally gets exponential results from my program. We are not perfect and just want to do what may be good for all concerned. Hope that helps and clarifies.

06 JuneDiana Chen- Robinson
Ok, pls give me the docs as requested.

25 JuneDoc Bob Koh
Pls let me know if you got the diagnosis in your gmail. Take care.

25 JuneDiana Chen- Robinson
U want to take no responsibility for the diagnosis? That's not right and not ethical bob, you cannot write that. It is not ETHICAL
U should provide me a letter head because you are the CEO of raynar anti-aging and cancer centre, no?

25 JuneDiana Chen- Robinson
I am disappointed that you as a healthcare provider will not take responsibility for the diagnosis for my mother's condition. Or so called condition. You lost your credibility by wanting to take no responsibility. That's not what a doctor does and that's not a proper Christian's behaviour too.

I am going to ask you for a full refund of the $2325. You don't have a choice Bob, you will need to give me a full lump sum refund. You have lost my trust and you have just threw your credibility into the trash.

25 JuneDiana Chen- Robinson
You invalidated your whole doctrine by asking mds for a verification of the condition which you so often have claimed that are not detectable by science.

26 JuneDoc Bob Koh
I can remove the last paragraph. Yes you are right, quantum energy is a very unique science and it will show up what science can't pick up yet. However, All you need do is to sign a release letter like what patients do when surgeons operate on them. Basically, patients are aware that I am a Complementary Alternative Medicine Practitioner and that although all care are taken to make sure that accidents do not happen, and that you will indemnify us from all claims when you do our treatment program. I can do that if that is better for you and agreeable. Doc Bob

26 JuneDiana Chen- Robinson
Bob, stop giving me excuses. That does not look like any justification for what you have written in the last paragraph. How can you say you want to remove or add on any stuff as you please or if it pleases your clients? Where are your integrity and principals? What are your standard operating procedures?

You have lost your trust in me after reading your diagnosis. You are not a surgeon and you are not operating just so that we are clear. You simply diagnosed my mother and all doctors will NOT say that they do not want to be responsible for the diagnosis. Can u imagine if surgeons holds no responsible for diagnosis then go on the carry out surgeries? Doc, I'm a graduate, an extremely savvy mother, a well travelled person and I was a professional. Please do not talk as if I'm stupid.

Enough is said, I want a full refund and I do not want anymore excuses from you.

26 JuneDiana Chen- Robinson
I lost my trust in u
Btw just so you know, pls be clear that the indemnity forms that patients are made to sign before an op are against specific identified risks not carte Blanche to indemnify any actions that the surgeon takes.

26 JuneDoc Bob Koh
I will speak to the Dr for the refund for the hair test if that's what you want. We do not have any such request before and i will find out for you. As for my consult fees, if you feel that you are justified to have a refund after i have spent time with you, I am at peace with it. I am now in KL and will be back in Tpe on 5th July and will speak to the Dr about your case.

26 JuneDiana Chen- Robinson
Definitely I am in total peace.
I don't care if that Dr or whatever will give a refund or not, if you have to dig from your own pockets so be it. I am at total peace with that and May I also add that your 'consult' fees are not worth it at all and I want a full refund because you have totally discredit yourself from all that you said from day one. In fact I will even go as far as saying that I regret to have met you. Harsh reality isn't it? But it's the fact.

26 JuneDiana Chen- Robinson
Just so that u know it's not because I'm unreasonable . And yes I am still asking u for the full refunds for many reasons. But your denial of wanting any responsibility for the diagnosis and your treatments are definitely not ethical and that has really put a big question mark in my head about your practices.That's not what a proper health care provider should do. It's wrong of you Bob.

Just so that you know that I'm not trying to get 'free' consults or services out of u by asking a refund, I'll be bringing this up with my family lawyer. In any case the time you spent with me and my mom you hardly did anything? First time was interviewing my mother and second time was spent going thru the test Which you charged me sgd $200. And till today I still don't know why you charged me in SG dollars when u have always charged in US and why you charged me for explaining the diagnosis? Doesn't make sense does it? Real easy money there Bob.

I will be expecting a full refund of $2325 and nothing less. I don't want to waste your time and especially not my time. But in the case where I need to spend more time dealing with this issue, I will. I don't want anymore excuses, I just want an answer to whether you will give me a full refund or not? That is all

05 JulyDiana Chen- Robinson
Waiting for your reply

05 JulyDoc Bob Koh
I am now in KL n on my way to Tpe today. Will be discussing ur RQ tomoro at our mtg. Take care. Doc

11 JulyDiana Chen- Robinson
Action will be taken against u should u not refund me.See More

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Another post about Bob Koh

Michael, I met him in Tharv Eker's quantum Leap program 2 years back. He is very active in seminars and always sign up for inner circle program. The more successful his victims are, the more fear they have to confront him as he uses all emails and threats to confuse his victims. His victims will just let go and call it learning experience so that their reputation is not at stake. I guess it takes some successful people to understand what social responsibilities mean to stand up on this beast. I am very glad that all the people hear are courageous enough to share their bad experiences to help more ladies who might be his next victim.See More

Weeping Bob Koh

Here's another post from a Michael Lee:

Did all of you meet him thru one of the Quantum Leap seminar bt T Harv Akers? Wow, in few of the sharing he was so dramatic... Weeping about how he can help cure the world of cancer but he was so slow in coming up with the book... He felt he should save the world.... And he had backache then, really back. He cant cure himself how to cure you???

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A post copied from another of his victim

Hi friends, I've copied a post through our FB group from another of his victim.

"he threatened us that "the slight out of alignment will cause my wife unable to have baby in future, and the miscarriage risk is very high", we then checked with several professional, they laughed at us. See how this con-man giving un-ethical "advise" to ppl just to fulfill his own needs & yet he pretended he is an en-lightened doctor that cares for patients. We got a female friend who fell down from staircase, her tailbone is seriously twitted, she couldnt sit nor sleep. She went for fixing her tailbone using finger by a quality TCM in town, HELLO....... The DOC FIXED HER TAIL BONE THRO ANUS & not VAGINA!!! And this treatment only apply to those very severe case!"

I will get as many post from as many of his victims as possible. At this stage, I am trying to notify my friends to this blog - not savvy with blogs. So please give me time and I will get them here.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Bogus Doc Bob Koh Nai Hock

My purpose of setting up this blog is to expose a bogus doctor by the name of Bob Koh Nai Hock, he is a Singapore citizen, resides in Taiwan, solicits in Indonesia, Malaysia & Singapore. PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS PERSON, because he ripped off $$$ (huge sum) of money, Molest and claims to have miraculously cures for cancer, and other health issues if you pay a large sum of money through his treatment. He claims to be a devout Christian and will donate 20% of his takings to charity.

Please note I am not a victim of his (Thank God!), but I have met this person who tried to con me, but my instinct told me to back off. If I have not met him, I would consider it a scam and just leave it, but I know the people whom he had cheated (not one but a few), therefore I am adamant in publishing this to prevent more people from being harmed or cheated by him.

Please DO NOT think that it won't happen to you, because he will approach anybody from public places spending hours talking to you about his success in treating patients (so far only those with movement problems and not cancer) - he is nothing more than a Remedial masseur, I checked his certificates (Isogai from Japan) - got a Japanese friend to investigate, turns out that its from another Bogus teacher. As he goes to conferences, participates in Networking, he could be anywhere in this world. There is a group of people cheated by him and have set up a group on Facebook called "Bob Koh got arrested for molesting...", do join the group to find out more, it is very interesting too, the more you read the more you'll find out how evil this man is. He would burst into tears and breakdown emotionally saying he wants to save more people from being sick as he is a devout Christian. Ask yourself this question: if he is sincere in saving peoples life, and as a Christian, why does he have to charge such an exhorbitant fee for treating people? If he is that good, why does he have to travel all over Asia to get his clients? They will go looking for him. Why does he reside in Taiwan but use his Singapore mobile phone for his personal information? Very illusive, isn't it?

How does he ensnare his victims? Firstly he will flatter you and bring your ego up, secondly he will tell you to get your loved ones e.g. parents/spouse/partners/siblings etc that they have a serious problem in health, if not treated by him their health will deteriorate and could cause stroke, cancer, paralysis etc. To prove that he is sincere, he will suggest that you let him take the person's hair for Hair Analysis which will cost $8,000 (and seeing that you are a friend of his previous client, he will give you a discount charging $5000 - mind you, if you are from USA you will pay in US$, if you are in Singapore you will pay in S$, but of course he will prefer in US$). After the HA he would exaggerate the 'so called' illness saying that if its not treated by him, it will get worse. By now, people are willing to pay any amount he asked for.

Well, he will also entice you to take a HA (Hair Analysis) saying that even though you are not sick, you should prevent yourself from being sick by treating the root cause of the problem and he will charge up front $25,000 per person for a consultation of 3 - 6 months. From what I heard, he doesn't provide any treatment, instead he will molest his female clients - examining their vagina without gloves, trying to kiss them etc. To his male client he's not at all interested, just getting them to turn their heads left & right (you'll get more by joining a Gym).

Do not be fooled by him, in his FB a/c he claimed to have a lot of medical expertise, e.g Raynar Health Anti-aging & caner treatment etc, you realise that he's the owner, CEO and nobody else is involved. Someone in the group had posted a picture of his certificate from Isogai in Japan, I had asked my Japanese friend to translate for me, my good friend had gone a step further by searching the internet for more information and this is her reply:

Getting to the translation of the certificate which you attached. Tad helped me translate it as it had a few technical medical terms that I wasn't familiar with. We looked into the homepage of Isogai and thought that the president of Isogai dynamic therapy Ms. 磯谷圭秀Keishu(??) Isogai, (I don't know how to read her first name) was a man but looking at the internet it is a lady.) She has no medical nor any academic education. All what she has is cauterization and child care certificate. She is a guranteed bogus doctor and a man certified by her must be very very bogus.

Attached is the translation into English of the certificate.

Why do I want to go through the trouble of exposing him even though I am not a victim? Well, I cannot tolerate Dishonest, Evil people who used the name of CHRIST for their evil deeds, who violate a women's body using devious tactics. Everyone in society has a responsibility to eliminate evil, especially one is aware of it. Here is a story:

4 people in society called: ANYBODY, EVERYBODY, NOBODY & SOMEBODY. Somebody is not happy that Anybody can do something to fix a problem, but Nobody did it. Now, this World will be a happier place and more peaceful if Everybody does their part to make this world a better place to live in.

Please do not be selfish, please do your part to spread this news to Anybody you come across and get Everybody to eliminate this Somebody (Bob Koh) of his evil deeds.

I am giving permission to those involved in his case to publish their stories.